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Catapult Programme

The Catapult Programme, led by Innovate UK, comprises 9 Catapults enabling the UK to address market needs in key areas and compete in the global market.

  • Future cities
  • Connected digital economy
  • Offshore renewable energy
  • Cell therapy
  • High value manufacturing
  • Satellite applications
  • Precision medicine
  • Transport systems
  • Energy systems

The Catapults aim to generate funding from sources in equal measures:

  • Core public funding
  • Industry funded contracts
  • Collaborative R&D funded

The high value manufacturing catapult (HVMC) aims to help create a sustainable manufacturing capability in the UK. Sitting in technology readiness levels (TRLs) 4-6 the HMVRC bridges the gap between early research and industrial production. The HVMC employs over 1200 scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff working with companies of all sizes to progress manufacturing technology. To find out how this could benefit your organisation or to get involved contact:

High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Oracle Building, Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull, B90 8AD

T: 0121 506 9780



The HVMC comprises 7 centres:

  • Advanced Forming Tesearch Centre AFRC
    • Located in Glasgow
    • Technology focus areas:
      • Die life improvement
      • Forging
      • Residual stress
      • Thermal processing
      • Material characterisation
      • Superplastic forming
      • Incremental sheet forming
    • Contact:


  • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre AMRC
    • Located in Rotherham
    • Technology focus areas:
      • Advanced machining and materials research
      • High performance machining
      • Advance structural testing
      • Hybrid and metallic composites
      • High value assembly
      • Design and prototyping
    • Contact:


  • Centre for Process Innovation CPI
    • Located in Wilton and Sedgefield
    • Technology focus areas:
      • Printable electronics
      • Bioenergy and biorefinery
      • Biologics
      • Formulations
      • Industrial biotechnology
      • Anaerobic digestion
    • Contact:


  • Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC
    • Located in Ansty (Coventry)
    • Technology focus areas:
      • High integrit fabrication
      • Advanced tooling and fixturing
      • Intelligent automation
      • Net shape and additive manufacturing
      • Electronics manufacturing
      • Metrology and non-destructive testing
      • Operational efficiency and process modelling
    • Contact:


  • National Composites Centre NCC
    • Located in Bristol
    • Technology focus areas:
      • Design, analysis and simulation of advanced composites applications
      • Product and process development and optimisation
      • Prototyping and validation
      • Manufacturing, inspection and testing
      • Knowledge transfer. Training and specialised workshops
      • Collaborative and specialised working environment
    • Contact:


  • Nuclear advanced manufacturing research centre NAMRC
    • Located in Rotherham
    • Technology focus areas:
      • Fabrication of civil nuclear components
      • Large-scale machining
      • Metrology, welding and cladding
      • Innovative machining and machine tool optimisation
      • Robotic machining using advanced metrology
      • Near net shape (NNS) manufacture of energy sector composites
    • Contact:


  • Warwick Manufacturing Group WMG
    • Located in Coventry
    • Technology Focus areas:
      • Modelling, fabrication and characterisation of lightweight structures
      • Design and characterisation of automotive composites
      • Battery characterisation and development of new battery materials and prototype cells
      • Modelling and physical verification of all-electric and hybrid drives
      • Metrology and visualisation for the analysis of materials, body structures and battery technologies
    • Contact:


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