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Composites UK and EuCIA

European Composites Industry Association

EuCIA is the Brussels - based leading Association of the European Composites Industry, representing European National composite Associations as well as industry specific Sector Groups, such as those targeting particular product groups or processes.
With the support of its Members EuCIA is promoting a good trading environment in an innovative and growing European composites industry.


Composites UK membership of EuCIA 

As voted for by our members, Composites UK joined EuCIA in May 2018. The main reasons for this are outlined below:

  • In view of Brexit, being part of EuCIA will be an important ‘political’ statement that we remain part of Europe, and are taking action to facilitate working with other Europeans. Leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe.
  • EuCIA organises a 1-day annual meeting with the Commission (October) – as members we will take part in this and influence policy. Composites UK members could also attend/present.
  • EuCIA have done some very useful work on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) which is relevant to what we are aiming to do in collaboration with other nations.
  • CEN and CENELEC (covering standards) are not part of the European Commission, so our representation there through BSI’s membership will remain the same. However, there will be times when we need representation at the EC for regulatory issues. An important example of this is the Environmental Footprint activity developing PEFCRs (product environmental footprint category rules.) and lobbying against citation of European Standards that are detrimental to composites (e.g. EN124 Manhole covers) EuCIA membership would give us the platform to continue to influence these. 
  • EuCIA is recognised by the Commission as the industry voice in development of the Eurocodes.


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