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Below is a quick overview of the Composites UK staff, which should not only introduce them but point you in the right direction with your query.

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Team photo on the right: (L-R) Stella Job, Mark Humphrey, Claire Whysall, Sarah Hunter, Sue Halliwell

Dr. Sue Halliwell

Operations Manager

Description of Role: Sue is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association, reporting directly to the Board of Directors. She supports the Material Suppliers subgroup and Construction Sector Group and has direct responsiblity for H&S and standards activities within the Association.

Claire Whysall

Communications Manager

Description of role: Claire oversees the marketing and communications for the Association, supporting key deliverables through implementing marketing strategies, organising events and company presence at exhibitions, designing communication materials, utilising social media channels and developing strategic partnerships.

Philip Spinks

CLF Strategy Delivery Manager

Description of role: Composites UK is a delivery partner for the CLF’s 2016 refresh of the UK Composites Strategy, and Philip joins the team for six months to develop a sustainable model to take this forward.

Mark Humphrey

Data Officer

Description of the Role: Mark is based at the National Composites Centre in Bristol and is responsible for the UK Capabilities Hub - A database of composites based companies, designed to provide industry information and aid enquiries.

Stella Job

Supply Chain and Environment Manager

Description of role: Stella is working to promote and improve the sustainability of composite materials. She is Chair of the Composites Leadership Forum Sustainability Working Group and is working with industry to implement recommendations of Resource Efficiency Action Plan.

Sarah Hunter


Description of role: Sarah runs the accounts for the Association.


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