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The Benefits of Event Sponsorship – Enhancing Your Brand through Others

It can be a tricky decision to sponsor an event, particularly if you have to get others to sign off on it or it wasn’t originally planned in your marketing budget, but there are several reasons why sponsoring an event can be beneficial whether you are a small or large company.

It promotes your business to a new audience

Take our annual conference for example. This event attracts around 70 – 90 people. Now, not all of these will be your target market, but for the cost of say, exhibiting (£250 for members, £450 for non-members) converting just one of these into a customer can give you a high return on your investment. Simply being there gives you access to new contacts and in turn custom further down the line.

It raises your profile to an audience that already knows you

“Why do we need to highlight the company to people who already know of us?” Well, there’s a couple of reasons.

  1. If you can get your name above all others in a competitive market, potential customers are more likely to remember your brand and what you do meaning they come to you in the first instance.
  2. It’s a misconception that only large organisations sponsor events, so smaller companies can use this to their advantage in order to seem bigger than they are. This can increase confidence in customers, leading to more sales and in turn growing your business.

Endorsed by Association

As the trade association for the UK composites industry, companies look to us for guidance. Customers see your brand in alignment with ours, automatically giving you the accreditation that it may take to get or keep that sale.

An Inexpensive Way to Advertise

As the majority of our members have below 50 employees, most of our sponsorship opportunities are tailored with this in mind in terms of both pricing and the packages itself. Let’s take the annual conference again as our example. The packages here are as follows:

Table-top exhibition stand:                      £250 (members)    £450 (non-members)
Company brochures in exhibition area:    £120 (members)    £250 (non-members)
Giveaways on delegate seats:                £120 (members)    £250 (non-members)
Lunch sponsor:                                     £400 (members)    £650 (non-members)

Most of these, if not all, can be less expensive than traditional advertising methods.

Why not give it a try? The majority of our events have exhibition and sponsorship opportunities and there’s bound to be one that focusses on a sector you’re in or would like to enter. Have a look at our events page to see what’s coming up:


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