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Meet Our Members: Oxford Advanced Surfaces

In this new series we take a look at some of our member companies and how they have utilised their membership benefits to grow their business.

The first of these focusses on Oxford Advanced Surfaces where we spoke to the company’s CEO, Philip Spinks.

Would you like to give an overview of Oxford Advanced Surfaces and the products and services you offer?
We are essentially a surface modification business.  We have a unique chemistry platform called Onto™ that works with a number of different composite substrates and can be applied in a number of different ways to fit existing manufacturing processes.  We can tailor the resulting effect of the new surface to react in different ways with different materials. Our initial application was to remove the need for sanding as a surface preparation for materials such as CFRP for onward painting and lacquering.  We have now grown the product offering and assist with bonding of various advanced materials and also novel fibre sizing agents for various reinforcement fibres and mats.  Overall we want to develop into an advanced composites business with a range of products covering process improvements through to delivering higher performing composites by changing or adding to the structural properties.

What was your reasoning behind joining Composites UK?
Initially we wanted to join a community where we could learn more about the composites business and try to find customers and partners to work with.  We are now more knowledgeable and more focussed than when we first joined.  As such we concentrate on solving issues that we now better understand in the composites industry.  In addition a number of the events are focussed on the future of composites and the challenges that need to be addressed to meet those future targets.  As such we look to how we can apply our technology platform to those global challenges to ensure we are ahead of the market.  The composites market is moving quickly and we want to ensure that we ride the wave and don’t get left behind.  Because of this we now have development programmes on up-valuing recycled carbon fibre, sizing for a whole range of reinforcement fibres such as Dyneema® and Innegra® and we’ve recently be awarded a new grant with a number of global composite businesses on lightweighting aerospace components.

Which of the benefits of Composites UK membership does your company regularly use?
Attending the various events is a great benefit for us, as is the ability to connect with some great businesses in the composites arena. Staying up-to-date with the latest issues and challenges is vital.  We also get the opportunity to connect to groups such as the Composites Leadership Forum and the Affordable Composites Group. The ability to be able to market new products and worthy news stories through the news bulletins is both a great benefit for both distributing your message as well as seeing what’s happening with other businesses.

Have you gained extra business by being a member of Composites UK?
We have made a number of useful contacts through Composites UK and as a result have several active evaluations underway as well as a further grant consortium possibility achieved as a direct result of a chance meeting at the Annual Conference.

If you would like to get in touch with Oxford Advanced Surfaces, here's how:

Phone: 01865 854807

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