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Your Association's Top 3 Goals for 2016

A New Year naturally brings resolutions or at least lists of what we want to achieve over the next 365 days. Here is our top three goals that the Composites UK team will be working towards in 2016.

1.    Setting out our five-year strategy

We’ve come a long way over the past two years and seen some amazing growth as an Association and as an industry as a whole. With any rapid advancement it’s important that we stay focussed and allocate our resources in the best possible way. To this end, last month the Board of Directors and team members met to outline a new strategic plan, setting out what we need to do and offer as an Association to support the UK composites industry in thriving through to 2021 and beyond.

2.    Development of the Hub Database

If you’ve not already claimed your free listing on the Hub Database head over there today and Mark, our Data Officer will be happy to hear from you. Any company can have a listing on the Hub but Composites UK members get a highlighted entry and come at the top of any search results.

When completing your profile you might feel like we’re asking a lot – but don’t worry. Not all of the information you’re asked to provide is for public consumption but will be used so that we can start to build a picture of the UK industry and what it needs to grow. This will be invaluable when approaching Government for their support. Eventually we’ll also be able to pull off reports for purchase (anonymised with general data) – just think how you will be able to use this information in your business planning.

3.    Communicating the value of membership more clearly

Our members are such for a reason, but as our members span the whole supply chain – from manufacturers to end-users - the value gained from membership will vary completely from company to company. No matter which portion of the supply chain you cover we want you to know from a glance which benefits you will utilise the most and we will be revisiting the membership information to show this. In the meantime you’re very welcome to contact us if anything isn’t clear as we’re always happy to help.

Of course, we have other things we’re working on, which members will have first insight to through our fortnightly members-only bulletins.

Can we help you with your 2016 business goals? Make sure you go through the benefits of membership and if you’re a member already, utilise these, if not you can join us today.



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