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Abrasive Technology’s Diamond Tooling Perfectly Suited for Composites

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Since 1971, Abrasive Technology (based in Lewis Center, OH, USA with three manufacturing location in the UK) has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superabrasive grinding wheels and tools. Our team of engineering experts has extensive experience addressing complex operations and a comprehensive understanding of composite materials and applications.

With technologies including P.B.S. braze, PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond), and flexible, AT’s custom tools are made complete in house from design through manufacturing.

P.B.S.® Braze

AT’s founding technology is P.B.S.® braze, a diamond bonding process that is ideal for the aerospace, oil and gas, dental and medical and electronics industries. Product options include grinding wheels, core drills, burs, routers, mounted saws, mounted wheels, and discs. Benefits include:

  • Promotes maximum diamond exposure and will not strip or peel during use, providing increased productivity and part consistency.
  • Well-suited for cutting non-metallic materials such as graphite material, FRP, fibreglass, friction material, honeycomb and composites/CFRP/ GFRP.
  • Minimizes uncut fibres, fibre tear out and delamination in composite materials.
  • Ideal for machining tough-to-cut materials where fast stock removal and deep cuts are required.
  • Custom-manufactured tools range from 1/32” to 24” in diameter.

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond)

AT offers PCD cutting tools for many composite applications including mold manufacture, edge of part routing, aperture routing, surface machining, turning, grooving, drilling, boring and reaming. Benefits include:

  • Reduced cycle time due to PCD’s thermal conductivity and heat resistance.
  • Minimizes CFC fibre tear out and delamination, greatly reducing hand finishing requirements.
  • Recommended to machine non-ferrous and very abrasive materials with a capacity to out-produce carbide tools.
  • Combination tooling, combining several tool operations in one pass, is designed for customers’ specific applications and ensures high component consistency


Ideally designed for contouring, shaping, and feathering; as well as making delicate adjustments to a formed surface, AT’s flexible product line includes hand pads, belts, pads, strips, and discs. Benefits include:

  • Cool, rapid, even cutting eliminates surface distortion, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Reduced dig outs and scallops allow for reduced reworks and eases operator fatigue.
  • Best for use in composites, stone, and steel operations.
  • Deburring and other hand-held operations.

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