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Alan Harper Composites Launches New Air Ejector

MAGLOC Air Ejector

Alan Harper Composites has launched MAGLOC - a new composite mould air ejector comprising of just two hardened precision steel parts locked together with neodymium magnetism. 

The company says that this provides the simplest solution to construction and assembly bringing attractive low cost.  Further more in contact with the cured moulding allows its 10mm diameter smooth face safely locally eject the part and allow controlled high pressure air follow through and fully eject the component.

After years of marketing more complex and pricy ejectors, the company felt it was time to re-evaluate and innovate a simpler far less costly solution. The MAGLOC air ejector is the result bringing a robust, low cost alternative to market in the composite moulding community.  

The mould builder can either mould MAGLOC into a composite mould or retrofit by sealing into a 13mm diameter hole. In operation the smooth mould side face is kept closed with strong magnetic force and operated to open with a simple sharp blow to its base. Even thick and very rigid cured parts can be release aided in this manner.

Marketed at below £20 each the company predicts the MAGLOC becoming the mould air ejector of choice.   

  • Neodymium lock simply the strongest
  • Lowest cost ejector on the market
  • Precision machined - minimal witness mark
  • Air path restricted prevents damaging over pressurization
  • Zero maintenance
  • Compact design allows tight location installation
  • Saves countless de mould wedging and stress    



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