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Altair’s Composites Technical Conference: ATCx Composites 2020

With everyone saving the date for Altair’s virtual ATCx Composites, to find out what to expect we caught up with Markku Palanterä - Altair’s Director of Global Composites Business Development.

Q1: Altair’s ATCx Composites on 2nd & 3rd December in two time zones is a virtual event, what can we expect?

Altair has shot up the learning curve when it comes to organizing successful virtual events. Being a technical conference, we have presentations, of course, from our experts and those from industry, much as you would at an in-person event. ATCx Composites is our platform to present “what’s new” and invite customers from industry to showcase some of their innovative projects.

Taking place in the virtual world, we’ll have chat rooms for visitors to engage with the presenters, ask questions, get answers, network as well as workshops to show “how to”. The event is rounded-out with a virtual exhibition where you can visit booths, watch video clips, gather literature in a swag-bag, network some more and even win some prizes! We have, almost, the same event in two time zones on successive days – so easy on logistics. The only things missing are the café-bar and the sore feet.

Q2: What’s new with composites at Altair?

Our theme for this ATCx Composites is “a complete composite workflow for all industries”. Although I won’t go through our agenda in detail, let me sum that up in two parts.

The ply-based composite modeling in Altair HyperWorks has recently undergone a major update to achieve an improved, more efficient modeling workflow. This together with planned further developments tie the modeling even closer with the manufacturing to create realistic models of composite components as built. Irrespective of whether you’re designing aircraft, cars, pressure vessels or world-class racing yachts, we’ll take you through efficient ways of modeling composites, an end-to-end workflow, and working with the integrated stress toolbox.

For short fiber reinforced plastics used in high-performance parts, we now have Altair’s new simulation solution for injection molded parts, Inspire Mold. Here, having accurate material models for simulation created using multiscale technology saves time, money and reduces waste. While multiscale can be applied equally to continuous or long fiber reinforced composites, we also learn about lattices for sandwich structures, again using multiscale technology.

So, in a nut shell, whether you are new to Altair or an existing customer, that’s what Altair’s ATCx Composites is all about: Learning from our experts and customers how to develop better products, make educated decisions early on in the design process and save time and money with Altair’s latest integrated multi-disciplinary simulation solutions for composites.

A final word on virtual events, if you miss anything on the day, just pause, replay or drop back later because the event is available for a whole month afterwards.

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