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Anacarda Increases Sales Volume over 20-fold in Five Years

Anacarda use cashew nut shell liquid to create Phenalkamine curing agents

Anacarda Ltd, specialists in the manufacture of polymers derived from cashew nutshell liquid, has revealed strong growth over the past five years, with an increase in sales volume of over 20-fold which is forecast to increase to five million units in the next five years.

The bio-based resin manufacturer has seen this substantial growth as a result of developing and launching CARDAMINE, a unique phenalkamine epoxy curing agent employed in the formulation of specialist marine coatings and those for other industries.

Not only is Anacarda’s flagship product bio-based and non- toxic, it comes with a multitude of other benefits such as: good compatibility with epoxy resins, ability to cure epoxy resins at relatively low temperature and good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

The Anacarda business model is driven by use of sustainable feedstocks as well as regulatory and market demands. If there are health issues associated with a chemical, then it uses its R&D expertise to develop a solution, such as the replacement of conventional phenalkamines with CARDAMINE.

The research and development was a huge challenge and involved new innovative chemistry to achieve at least the same performance levels as existing products, while delivering benefits in safety of handling and for the environment within new regulations.

Anacarda’s various product grades are being used in production in France, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Australia and recently India.
Anacarda’s name is derived from “Anacardium occidentale”, the formal Latin name of the cashew tree, and as a business, it is focused on the development of sustainable products, derived from the plant. It is committed to ensuring its business operations have a positive impact on society. One of its core operating principles, is to be ‘sensitive to the cultural, social and economic needs of the communities in which we operate’.

Paul Jones, Anacarda’s managing director & CTO said; “After the launch of CARDAMINE, we really started to see sales growth and so we increased capacity. We have projected further growth for the coming years; it is great to see the market utilising this product. We have forecast consumption of 5,000,000kg sold in the coming years.

“The growth of Anacarda has come from constant research and development to create products that satisfy the clients’ requirement whilst also meeting regulations. We strive to develop products that not only out preform the market leader but are environmentally friendly and not hazardous to use.”

This terrific growth is expected to continue in the coming years with more and more product being sold each year.

Anacarda’s focus is combining new technologies and methodologies with sound ethics to create enviable reputation for innovation, quality and consistency. Anacarda operate continuous improvement programs and use industry certified management systems to ensure legislative compliance.




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