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AOC Acquires UPR Manufacturing Operations in Czech Republic

AOC UPR Manufacturing Operations

AOC, Kaprain and Spolchemie announce they have reached agreement on AOC acquiring the Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) manufacturing operations located at the Spolchemie site in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic). This footprint extension will allow AOC to further improve service and logistics to its customers in Central/ Eastern Europe as well as in Germany, and will make new products (e.g. based on recycled PET) available for customers around Europe.

The UPR plant at the Spolchemie site in Ústí nad Labem (located 70 km Southeast of Dresden, Germany) has already been making resins for AOC on a contract basis for many years. Besides state-of-the-art UPR production equipment, the plant has unique capabilities for manufacturing green resins based on recycled PET.

AOC, Kaprain and Spolchemie have signed on 15 October 2020 an agreement to transfer the operations to AOC (to become effective as soon as possible in the 4th quarter of 2020). This acquisition enables AOC to significantly extend its manufacturing footprint, and further adds to the company’s global presence.

“This acquisition will give AOC a major leverage for strengthening our market position in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Germany. It enables us to ensure continued competitiveness in the region”, explains Joe Salley, CEO of AOC. “The acquisition proves our commitment to this industry, helping us and our customers to build even stronger relationships through supply security and continued technical collaboration.”

“The Ústí operations have been working for AOC already since long time, and supported the company with great service and resins in sizeable volumes”, adds Romana Benešová, CEO of Kaprain Investment Group. “I am very happy that through this acquisition by AOC we have found a good home for this business, allowing Spolchemie to focus on our core business of chlorinated hydrocarbons and epoxy resins.”

“AOC has been delivering quality resins for composites applications for over 50 years, and is recognized for its market leadership in quality and innovation”, comments Stefan Osterwind, AOC Managing Director EMEA. “As a result of this change, AOC can take a stronger ownership of the operations and apply its manufacturing expertise from around the globe. This will also help to strengthen the product portfolio we can offer to the region, including our broad range of specialty resins. At the same time, the products based on recycled PET will become available to more customers across the European continent.”



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