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Automotive Council Publishes 2020 Technology Roadmaps

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The roadmaps map the technology trends and forecasts for automotive propulsion systems to 2040. The update provides a new roadmap for fuel cell technology and fresh perspectives to the existing five Automotive Council technology roadmaps. Of particular interest is that on lightweighting, and the developing technology of hydrogen storage – both presenting significant opportunities for the application for composite materials technology.

Alan Banks from Ford Motor Company and chair of the Composites Leadership Forum Automotive Group, said; β€œThe roadmaps show a cohesive and defined opportunity for the UK Composites industry (from research to suppliers) to develop their strategies to take advantage of the funding streams available to meet the demands of the transition to zero initiative. With the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030, now is the time to understand and position ourselves as UKPLC for a global lead in all aspects of composite components and processes – from hydrogen tanks to nano-technology.”

Details of all 6 roadmaps can be accessed through the links below, as well as the roadmap report which explores the individual roadmaps in more detail.

Lightweight Vehicle & Powertrain Structure: A well-established topic, taking new approaches on vehicle platform architecture, mixed materials and future LCA-capable materials to delivering future vehicle weight reductions.

Fuel Cell: A brand-new roadmap in 2020, providing a comprehensive outlook on fuel cell stacks, balance of system and fuel management towards industrialisation. A promising chemical to mechanical powertrain solution for the future.

Electrical Energy Storage: An in-depth look into battery technologies split into Cells and Packs, provides insights into chemistries, construction and industrialisation for mass-market adoption.

Electric Machines: This roadmap provides key trends, themes and technologies on electric machine architectures, integration, thermal management, materials and manufacturing driving innovation in the future.

Power Electronics: A rapidly evolving and dynamic sector for automotive propulsion technologies with inverters, DC-DC converters and on-board charger applications driving cost and performance improvements.

Thermal Propulsion Systems: A bedrock technology that is driving improvement in engine efficiency and adopting net-zero fuels on the backdrop of increasingly stringent decarbonisation legislation.

The Roadmap Report, Towards 2040: A Guide to Automotive Propulsion Technologies identifies the key trends that will determine future powertrain development and provides summaries of how future vehicles and technologies might evolve to meet both customer and environmental requirements.



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