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Automotive Lightweight Interiors: Cost Effective Material Application & Design Congress

27 - 28 January 2016- Munich, Germany

The only event to focus specifically on lightweighting strategies for automotive interiors.

EU emission regulations has forced the automotive industry to adopt lightweighting strategies through material selection and design. There has been an industry focus on body in white lightweighting through the use of innovative materials, however, with manufacturing costs proving difficult to swallow, OEM's are exploring other options to reduce weight and meet CO2 emission requirements.

With this in mind, the Automotive Lightweight Interiors Congress has been engineered to explore the opportunities for lightweighting by adopting material and design strategies within the interior components. With emerging consumer trends such as infotainment, noise reduction, luxury textiles and electronic air conditioning, interior lightweighting strategies face the challenge of meeting customer expectations, safety standards whilst being financially viable.

Key Themes to be Covered:

OEM STRATEGIES: How OEMs Are Balancing Costs, Carbon Emissions And Customer Expectations To Forge A Successful Interior Lightweighting Strategy
COST-DRIVEN SUPPLY CHAINS: Developing Partnership Strategies Between OEMs And Each Supplier Tier To Reduce Cost And Time For Lightweight Design Implementation
PLASTICS: Identifying Material And Moulding Innovations To Reduce The Weight And Cost Of Producing Lightweight Plastic Parts
LIGHTWEIGHT SEATING: Showcasing Cost Effective Lightweight Materials For Frames And Foams For Seating
LIGHTWEIGHTING OF ELECTRONIC PARTS: Assessing Design And Material Selection Strategies To Reduce Electronic Weight
NOISE REDUCTION VS LIGHTWEIGHTING: Determining Lightweight Designs And Materials That Can Be Applied For Noise Reduction Functions

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