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Bindatex Enable NCC Greater Flexibility with Automated Fibre Placement Projects

Bindatex AFP

Composites and advanced materials precision slitting company, Bindatex, has seen a recent increase in orders from the National Composites Centre (NCC) based in Bristol over the last six months. Thanks to the Bolton-based company’s unique expertise and the ability to turn things around quickly, the whole team are now seeing the results of the hard work put in over the last five years.

One of the key strengths of Bindatex is that it understands the needs of its customers who only require small volumes of slit tapes for research and development projects, the NCC identified the advantages of this service approximately eight years ago. Up until recently this consisted of a small number of orders a year, but demand from the global leader in composite technology has steadily increased in recent months.

Chris Lever, Bindatex managing director said: “The NCC were aware that we slit and spool precision composite tapes but over the last year we have been working more closely with the NCC as they realised the extent of our capabilities and that we could do a lot more than what we had been doing for them.”

Bindatex are quite unique in that they offer technical non-standard services. This capability is steadily generating more and more orders.

Chris Lever added: “We are experts at taking development, non-standard and often challenging to cut material and precision slit these to extremely high tolerances. Not only that, our lead times are relatively short compared to typical industry standards.”

The NCC is a world-leading authority on composites, bringing together and developing the best minds and the best technologies to solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges.

Andy Sutton, Engineering Capability Lead at the NCC, said: “The NCC was looking to support one of its customers to source a non-standard, development material to the correct width, with compressed lead times.

“Being able to use Bindatex gave us and our customers the flexibility to do more investigations into the design of their product, with Bindatex’s flexibility allowing us to change the sizes up until the last minute. By doing this, a more optimised solution was found and an interesting line of product development was able to continue unhindered.”

Chris Lever said: “We pride ourselves in our ability to rise to the challenges that our customers present, not only that, we deliver the customer value for money and offer a level of flexibility and technical expertise that is pretty unique around the world and our customers appreciate that.

“One of our strengths which I think customers such as NCC appreciate is that we understand the increasing need to work with smaller volumes. This flexibility allows them to work on different projects. We recognise the need to turn jobs around quickly.”

Bindatex have not stood still since moving to larger premises in 2018. The company has invested in machines with industry 4.0 capability. This allows exact widths of spooling to be digitally captured.

Chris Lever said: “Some material sourced from certain parts of the world can appear to be better value for money, but tolerances aren’t always as precise as a customer needs. We monitor slit width precisely and by extracting this valuable data while the machines are processing the material means we can work within our customers specification. Developing our capabilities such as using industry 4.0 technology, ensures we continue to grow and remain one of Europe’s leading precision composite slitting service providers.”

Bindatex have a modern manufacturing facility, with state-of-the-art slitting machines capable of converting everything from narrow width precision slitting for automated fibre placement (AFP) to automated tape laying (ATL); flake/chopped fibre production, micrometre slitting/kiss cutting; traverse wound spooling as well as die and sheet/panel cutting.



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