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Bindatex Helps Cut the Composite Carbon Footprint

Chris Lever of Bindatex

Bolton-based Bindatex Advanced Materials Cutting has expanded its service offering to facilitate recycling projects, following strong demand from the automotive sector.

Having enhanced its composite slitting technology, the company is now able to cut scrap carbon fibre material to shapes suitable for compression moulding – a process which sees the product recycled into a material which can then be used to make car parts, such as peddles, clutches and brake pads.

The development comes in response to an increase in demand for recycled composite materials from the automotive sector, which expects to see 20,000 cars made using composites on UK roads by 2020.

Chris Lever, managing director at Bindatex, said; “There are mounting pressures within the manufacturing industry to implement ‘green’ processes and improve overall sustainability. As a result, we’ve experienced demand from a number of companies who are trialling and refining their recycling procedures – particularly big European car manufacturers, who are constantly broadening the applications of advanced materials.

“The market shows great promise, so we’re excited to now be equipped to handle such orders and are already looking to develop the technology further to offer the most efficient service possible.”

Bindatex generated interest within the sector at its recent appearance at the JEC World conference – the largest international gathering of composites professionals – where the company showcased its precision cutting capabilities.

Bindatex also recently doubled its workspace and bolstered its operations with the appointment of two new senior members of staff, who have been hired to help drive business growth and develop production and service capability.

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