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Briar Recovers £3million in Energy Bill Savings for Composites UK Members

Briar has been working with Composites UK members since 2017 to obtain exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) - a tax burden on site utility bills – for companies using carbon fibre composites where site energy costs are more than £35k per annum.

All areas of carbon fibre usage qualify including recycling, fibre manufacture, intermediate pre-preg & woven products and moulded/pressed carbon fibre components.

Depending on your energy bills, Briar can also apply for a reduction in Climate Change Levy on both electricity and gas, and can make claims back-dated to up to four years.

Briar have recovered in excess of £3million in for our members, with a further future saving forecast at £2million.

The discount scheme runs until April 2025.

Briar assess your energy use related to the use of carbon fibre and establish your eligibility for the scheme. There are no energy reduction targets to meet and no fees in advance - these would only apply after you have received a rebate and/or a reduction in bills.

For full details, visit our Business Support pages, here.


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