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BSI Standards Representation Opportunities

Composites UK as your Trade Association is working closely with BSI to ensure we have good representation from the composites industry across relevant British standards committees. This will ensure that future standards drafts and revisions are prepared with the right mix of expertise providing input and will help safeguard our industry.

There are two immediate opportunities for industry to get involved with this work as critical committees are now without Chairs.

PRI/42: Fibre reinforced thermosetting plastics and prepregs. The Chair retired a few months ago and so a replacement is urgently needed.

PRI/21: Testing of Plastics. This committee has been without a chair for some time. The scope of the committee includes composite materials.

To act as Chair on a BSI committee the individual is required to act impartially - i.e. represent the industry view rather than a particular organisation view. The requirements and criteria can be downloaded here. BSI will help with any training required and provide a committee secretary as support.

To apply for either position please contact the office as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to get involved in.


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