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Busch makes further development of Mink claw vacuum technology

Busch Mink Claw System

Busch has continued to consistently develop its Mink claw vacuum technology and now launched the new Mink MV claw vacuum pump series.

The company says that the Mink MV is a further development of the tried and tested Mink MM series, which it explains has proven itself as the standard in many industrial sectors. With the new Mink MV series, Busch says it has succeeded in developing claw vacuum pumps that have a significantly lower noise level than comparable pumps on the market. Furthermore, they are extremely compact and efficient. The new series operates in the same way as the previous series, i.e. according to the dry and non-contact claw principle. Therefore no operating fluid is required in the compression chamber, which means that all associated maintenance work, such as oil and filter changes, is eliminated. There is no wear thanks to the non-contact operation and therefore no wearing parts need to be replaced.

The lower noise level is achieved through a newly developed silencer located under the vacuum pump. This reduces the amount of space required. Claw vacuum pumps have the highest efficiency of all mechanical vacuum pumps and are therefore able to operate with a lower level of motor performance compared to other vacuum pumps of the same size. All Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are equipped with electric motors that comply with the latest energy efficiency classes as standard, thus achieving the best energy balance. Further energy savings are possible through frequency-controlled motors (optional), which operate according to demand. It is therefore possible to adjust the output via the speed to meet actual needs.

Busch is offering the new Mink MV series in pumping speed sizes between 300 and 1200 cubic metres per hour. The ultimate pressures are 150 and 200 millibar depending on the size.

Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are perfectly suited for the pneumatic suction conveying of bulk goods in the food processing sector, the pharmaceutical industry or in plastic processing. They are also used by many manufacturers of CNC woodworking machines for clamping work pieces. Further applications are in the automotive industry, handling and in degassing systems for plastic melting as well as for moulding or the degassing of ceramic materials. Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are also installed as individual modules in central vacuum supply systems, which Busch tailors to individual customer requirements. These vacuum systems can supply vacuum for entire plants centrally and extremely economically.



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