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A C Marine and Composites to Supply Composite Struts to Minesto

A C Marine & Composites

A C Marine & Composites is to supply composite struts, in partnership with Off Limit Engineering, to Minesto. The Deep Green project will be deployed at Holyhead Deep, off the coast of Wales.

Christian Norinder, Development Engineer at Minesto: “A C Marine & Composites have a mature and structured process and production philosophy. Combined with highly relevant experience of design and manufacturing of tidal energy turbines, they are a nice fit as partner to Minesto in building and deploying our first Deep Green power plant in commercial scale.”      

Almost all tidal energy technologies currently deployed are large horizontal axis turbines. Stationary on the seabed, they require tidal streams of 2.5 m/s or faster to cost-effectively produce electricity. What makes Deep Green different from other tidal energy technologies is the wing, the size of the turbine and the fact that it is “flying” under water. The flow of the water over the wing moves the turbine through the water in a figure of eight, sweeping a large area at a relative speed that is several times the actual speed of the underwater flow.

Alex Newton, Director at A C Marine & Composites added: “We are extremely proud to have been awarded this contract by Minesto. The flexibility and versatility of composite manufacturing makes this technology a prime candidate for use in tidal energy devices. Minesto’s technology is revolutionary – helping to harness both tidal and ocean currents in a cost-efficient way. Yet again bringing the benefits of renewable energy to the forefront.”

Alex Hewitt, Director at Off Limit Engineering concluded: “Off Limit Engineering is extremely pleased to be working with ACM&C and Minesto on the Deep Green project, which is a major step forward in unlocking the potential of tidal power and de-coupling it from high energy environments.  With eight years’ experience in supporting marine renewable energy projects Off Limit Engineering is committed to providing engineered solutions to assist in reducing the cost of energy and increasing reliability. We are building on a long-term relationship with ACM&C; providing optimised, integrated design for manufacture, which is essential for critical components and timelines. We expect this to continue to develop as the industry grows.”

A C Marine & Composites and Off Limit Engineering are established in the Marine Renewables sector and have a detailed understanding of the industry, the operating environment and the materials and processes involved in manufacturing high quality composite components.

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