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Chomarat Develops Non-Crimp Fabrics Based on Heavy-Tow Fibres for the Automotive Industry

At the JEC Forums in Knoxville, Tennessee, October 13-14, the Chomarat team will give a lecture on how their solutions meet automotive demand, with a specific focus on low-cost advanced composites.

The automotive industry needs to rethink its strategy and to innovate to fulfill regulatory CO2 reduction objectives. Continuous glass and carbon fibre composites offer a significant advantage in attaining these goals, by enabling the weight of structures to be reduced.

Chomarat is working on formatting very heavy tow LCCF (low-cost carbon fibre) into C-PLY and proposes design optimization using low-cost carbon fibre input from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Working together with tier 1 automotive supplier and ORNL, Chomarat can handle these heavy tows and meet many benchmark standards.

“Composites constitute a solution to lower the weight of vehicles, but they must be of economic benefit in a context where each process and each material has to compete to find its place in an appropriate and optimized industrial procedure.” explains Chomarat Group, Managing Director, Michel Cognet.

C-PLY with LCCF (low-cost carbon fibre) spread plies is the solution Chomarat is developing that combine the most economical performance option with cost effective molding processes.



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