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Chomarat Receives JEC Innovation Award As Partner in the Fast RTM Project

The Fast RTM project is sponsored by the IRT M2P technology research institute and brings in manufacturers, universities and technical centres. The result is a flexible project that can be adapted to the requirements of builders in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries.

Philippe Sanial, R&D Director at Chomarat said; "This collaborative approach corresponds perfectly to Chomarat’s innovation strategy. We are very proud to be a stakeholder in this project, and we would like to congratulate all of our partners for this award, which represents a real honour in the profession."

The Fast RTM project demonstrates the feasibility of using reactive RTM processes in the high-volume production of structural automotive parts. Under this project, CHOMARAT has developed optimised reinforcements that are compatible with the thermoplastic and thermoset resins used on the platform. The reinforcements are preformable, and suitable for high-speed processes and for the Fast RTM industrial platform. Entirely automated, the platform makes use of the compression resin transfer moulding (C-RTM) process.

Chomarat and the partners of the project receives the JEC Innovation Award 2017: Process.

The other partners of the project are: Partners: Arkema (France), Compose (France), Composite Integrity by Institut de Soudure Groupe – Composite Platform (France), Faurecia (France), Hexion (France), Hutchinson (France), PINETTE P.E.I. (France), Renault (France), SISE (France)



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