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Chomarat to Showcase Carbon Range at CAMX 2019

At CAMX Expo, Chomarat is showcasing its range of carbon reinforcements, including live demos: a rocket fairing mold, a kayak paddle and a flat panel will be on display in the demonstration area of Composites One, a partner of Chomarat. The Chomarat carbon range is also available in the USA through Composites One’s distribution network.

For the rocket fairing mould, the kayak paddle and the flat panel applications, Chomarat’s C-Weave carbon reinforcement offers a unique and excellent visual appearance and structural performance at the same time. “In addition to C-WeaveTM, the kayak paddle comprises another reinforcement: G-flow, the 2-in-1 reinforcement for infusion to strengthen the vacuum-flow,” explains Travis Irvin, Sales Manager and Closed Mould Process Expert at Chomarat.

Other live demos of skateboards will demonstrate the potential for high-volume production with Rovicore, the famous glass sandwich reinforcement created by Chomarat. ”Rovicore is always at the forefront of technology for LRTM process,” he adds.

Moreover, Chomarat is displaying a motorcycle helmet with exposed carbon and a very light kayak paddle, highlighting the properties of C-Weave. A tennis racket using C-PLY will also be displayed at the show.

With the tennis racket, Chomarat highlights C-PLY, the multaxial carbon fibre reinforcement in which multiple layers of unidirectional fibres are placed at specific angles. This reinforcement allows various constructions: thin carbon plies (50gsm), shallow angles, unbalanced orientations, IM fibre and toughening light veil options.“The standard biaxial range goes from a very light 100gsm using 12K fibres to 600gsm using 50K fibres. C-PLY is the best reinforcement for structural design benefits, premium surface quality and overall parts cost savings,” concludes Chris Mikesell, Sales Manager Composites at Chomarat.



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