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Circular Economy Discussion Available Online

Stella Job and Panel at the Circular Economy Discussion Forum

At the 2019 Advanced Engineering Show, Composites UK held a discussion panel on the show floor, covering the topic of ‘Composites in the Circular Economy’ which is now available to view on the Association’s You Tube channel.

The discussion showcases how the composites industry can be, and is already becoming, more sustainable. What were formerly niche activities are now becoming mainstream as large companies adopt bio and recycled content. Data is also effectively being used to improve efficiency at all levels of design and manufacture, and a deeper understanding of the impact of our products is growing.

At the panel session, panellists began by sharing briefly, their vision for making the composites industry more circular in their area. The floor was then opened for questions and discussion in the following areas:

  • How can Industry 4.0 make composites more sustainable?
  • Why do we need bio-composites and are they sustainable?
  • Can we eliminate waste by moving to net shape manufacturing?
  • Where is it realistic to use recycled materials in composites?

Composites UK would like to thank the panel members: Joe Summers, Airborne; Ben Andrews, ELG Carbon Fibre; Martin Wright, Polynt Composites; Paul Spencer, Gurit and Lucy Eggleston, National Composites Centre.

The video is free to view on You Tube, here.



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