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CLF Appoints New Chair of Automotive Group

The Composites Leadership Forum (CLF) has appointed a new chair of its automotive group.  

From the beginning of November 2020, Alan Banks, of Ford Motor Company took over the reins from Henry Sarel-Cooke of GKN Wheels and Structures. Henry steps down after four years as chair and has been instrumental in helping to drive change across the sector.

Henry adds: “During the last five years there has been significant progress in the supply chain, and an understanding of the business case has been made. Within the CLF and Automotive Council, significant progress has been made in understanding where carbon composites materials are most suited. The work carried out in sustainability will need to be powerfully pursued as the road to carbon zero accelerates. Composites have a significant role to play in full vehicle life cost.”

Alan, who is also a Board Director of Composites UK, has worked in the automotive industry for over 37 years and is excited by the challenges facing the sector. Within Ford, his remit is to expand the use of lightweighting technologies onto mass production vehicles at an affordable cost.

Alan comments: “Affordable lightweighting remains a challenge to the automotive industry as a whole and will become more so in the coming years due to electrification and advanced propulsion. But with every set of challenges comes significant opportunity and I look forward to picking up this challenge to maximise the use of composite technology and bringing it into mainstream use. I’d like to acknowledge my warmest respect to Henry Sarel-Cooke, who will be difficult to replace and whose experience and contacts I will be sure to continue tapping into.”



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