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CNC Robotics Receive Funding to Develop a Repeatable and Scalable Robotic System for SMEs

CNC Machining Factory

CNC Robotics, the UK’s leading integrator specialising in the use of robots for machining, is one of twenty-two SMEs across the Liverpool City Region to receive part of the Metro Mayor's £1.1m Future Innovation Fund. The Fund has been established to reward businesses that have continued to innovate during the pandemic and so contribute to the area's economic recovery.
UK manufacturing is facing unprecedented times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This, coupled with deep-rooted challenges with productivity, poses a threat to the sector’s ability to compete on a global scale. Manufacturers are starting to investigate the increasing role that robotics and automation can play within their operations to build a more resilient and sustainable future.
The Future Innovation Fund will enable CNC Robotics to provide more systems to the market as it further develops its product range. By developing an even more cost-effective product that is capable of machining a range of materials such as polystyrene, model block, cork, soft woods and other lightweight/soft model-making materials, CNC Robotics will be able to offer this product to manufacturers across multiple industries. The company will also research if other end effectors, including additive manufacturing printing heads, could be used to deliver a hybrid product that can both 3D print and machine.



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