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Composite Mast for Rail Industry Promises Greener and Cheaper Rail Electrification

The UK Government has recently announced funding for the development of a railway mast that could dramatically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from railway electrification.

The programme will involve Prodrive Composites Ltd working alongside two International Rail Industry Business along with Cranfield, Southampton & Newcastle Universities to collaborate and develop:

  • A prototype overhead line mast, funded by Innovate UK and Department for Transport, aims to slash emissions from railway construction
  • Mast to benefit from advanced composite materials developed to reduce mass and save energy in aviation and automotive industries
  • Greener mast could also mean more affordable rail electrification schemes and efficient maintenance.

Matt Bradney, Director of Business Development at Prodrive Composites, said: “We are delighted to be involved in the IMAGE project. Recognised as industry leaders in #sustainability at the 2020 Composites UK awards, we feel uniquely placed to lend our expertise to break new ground for rail. “The composite ingredient for the masts is significantly lighter and stronger than steel by weight. We are aiming for a composite that has minimal, or even negative, embedded carbon. “We hope this project will fuel further experimentation with composites in the rail industry to drive sustainable innovation forward.”



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