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CSG Joins Construction Products Association

The Composites UK Construction Sector Group (CSG) has joined the Construction Products Association (CPA) as a Trade Association member.

The CPA acts as an ‘umbrella’ trade body for dozens of product-specific trade association members. If a company is already a member (e.g., a manufacturer, supplier or other as agreed with the CPA) of one of these trade associations, that company is entitled to full access to the CPA’s benefits and resources. CSG members will also be able to nominate themselves to represent the group on the CPA technical and sustainability committees.

The benefits of CPA membership apply only to members of the CSG, and not the wider Composites UK membership, as the cost is covered by the CSG subscription fee. However, companies in the wider membership wanting to add this to their tailored benefits package can apply to join the CSG at any point in the year and do not need to wait until their renewal (additional fee applies).

CPA membership will give CSG members access to critical information relating to the construction sector on economic, technical, regulatory, sustainability and policy matters, including advance warnings on relevant issues.

Dr Sue Halliwell, Operations Manager, Composites UK said “We are delighted that the CSG has decided to join CPA. We have been considering this for some time, but with the sector focus now clearly directed at Building Safety and Zero-Carbon, it is critical that members stay up-to-date with legislative and technical changes – membership of CPA is the best way to ensure this.”

CPA Chief Executive, Peter Caplehorn, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Composites UK to the CPA Membership. Its input as a Trade Association Member will be crucial to advancing some of the key policy areas facing the sector, including Building Safety and Decarbonisation. I look forward to working closely with the CSG moving forward.




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