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Development of European LCA Tool for Composites

EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association) is developing a tool in which all composite manufacturers can calculate the environmental impact of their own products: the EcoCalculator. EuCIA is working with Ernst & Young Cleantech and Sustainability Services (EY CaS) to develop the tool in cooperation with BiinC. The importance of this project is that it will develop a tool that can be used throughout Europe by all composite manufacturers to generate an Eco Factsheet, without the need of a deep know-how of Life Cycle Assessment processes.

Data collection - request for input
In order to develop this tool, it is essential to collect industry average data about the different manufacturing processes. Please get involved and submit data about your production process  by completing this questionnaire and returning to the contacts at the bottom of this message by 30th September 2015. 

Any information provided through this questionnaire is treated strictly confidential. The data will only be read and used by EY CaS and BiinC and only for this project. No other parties have access to the information you provide. The information will be used to generate industry average values which will be used within the EuCIA EcoCalculator Tool. This allows the users to benchmark themselves with the industry average. Data will be used in such a way that the information is not identifiable to the source, in other words we will not use the data if only 2 companies have provided data for a process.

Questions and contact details
If you have any questions concerning the questionnaire, please contact Lonneke de Graaff (+31 6 29 08 30 25, or Thomas den Hengst (+31 6 29 08 31 31,


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