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Dig Deep into Recycling and Sustainability at the GOCarbonFibre 2018

The pre-conference workshop for this October's GOCarbonFibre, focusing on recycling and sustainability, will provide attendees with in-depth insights and updates on this important topic and is a must-attend for anyone working within the carbon fibre sector.

Taking place in the afternoon of Tuesday 9 October 2018, the workshop features speakers from key industry influencers and experts including ELG Carbon Fibre, CETMA, RYMYC carbonNXT, RWTH Aachen University and more.

Just some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • Practical applications in recycling carbon fibre
  • Recycled carbon fibres: limits and opportunities for composite material industry
  • Case study on efficiency evaluation in composite production
  • Cost effectiveness vs. sustainability
  • Key factors for a sustainable carbon fibre nonwoven

The workshop will also include a Q&A session where you can put your questions directly to the experts and gain further knowledge and guidance in this area.
In addition to the above workshop, the main conference will also feature a session dedicated to ‘Sustainability issues in carbon fibre and composites’, taking place on day two.

Presentations in this session will include:

  • Lifecycle analysis of carbon fibre and composites – Frazer Barnes, ELG Carbon Fibre
  • Recycling and sustainability, new trends – Magdalena Kimm, RWTH Aachen University
  • Recycling carbon fibres from end of life composites – Andrew Page, Toyoto Tsusho
  • Carbon fibre recycling: Sustainability through disruption – Tim Rademacker, carbonNXT

Frazer Barnes of ELG Carbon Fibre said: “Although recycling is seen as important by ultimate end users of carobn fibre materials (e.g. automotive and aerospace OEMs), the carbon fibre industry itself may not have the same view or urgency about the subject, maybe because it sees recycling as a threat (canibalisation of existing sales). Actually, recycling is a fundamental requirement for the growth of the industry, and new applications for recycled carbon fibre can actually grow the market for existing carbon fibre materials as frequently they are used in combination. Presenting this message and developing this understand is important for the overall growth of the industry”




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