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Dopag Release Dispensing System for Impregnation of Fibre Material

Dosing system compomix FI

Moulded parts made of fibre-reinforced polymers are used in various sectors: in automotive and aerospace, in the wind power industry or in construction. They are characterised by their low weight and high rigidity. Various manufacturing processes can be used.

DOPAG developed the compomix FI especially for the impregnation of fibre material. It ensures the precise metering and mixing of two-component material used for glass, aramid or carbon fibre impregnation. In injection applications such as vacuum infusion or resin transfer moulding (RTM), the compomix FI can be used to inject material directly into an open or closed mould. In pultrusion and filament winding processes, the compomix FI can be used to fill a resin bath and keep it at fill level in order to produce composite components in various shapes or, as in the pultrusion process, as endless profiles. The material is supplied from two material tanks installed on the system. The tanks are filled directly from the original delivery containers and this is done automatically either via standard refill systems or gravimetry.



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