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DowAksa Joins PULLWind Consortium

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An alliance of composite companies has formed PULLWind, a strategic consortium that enables leading wind blade manufacturers to access a ‘turnkey’ solution for pultruded spar caps.

DowAksa is the most recent and final member to join the group. The Turkey-based carbon fibre manufacturer has an industrial footprint enabling PULLWind’s future clients to build and develop their businesses in relation to the use of carbon fibre for wind turbine blade manufacture.

STRUCTeam, the independent composites engineering consultancy, began the initiative in early 2016, which now comprises of Olin Corporation, the global leader for the supply of epoxy resins, Chongqing International Composite Material Co Ltd (CPIC), a leader in manufacturing glass fibre products, and DowAksa, the supplier of carbon fibre solutions.

OEMs within the wind sector are actively seeking solutions to use pultrusions within turbine blades.  However, without adequate supply chain positioning and the relevant technical expertise, it is a challenging technology to implement.

PULLWind offers a unique proposition with an established network of suppliers, specialist engineers and technicians. The consortium delivers a secure supply chain, combined with design and manufacturing guidelines, therefore enabling faster adoption of the technology. PULLWind’s combined expertise fast-tracks production time, reduces total blade costs and improves the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) - a key target for blade and turbine manufacturers.

Julien Sellier, Managing Director of STRUCTeam, comments, “DowAksa joining the PULLWind consortium completes a key phase of our development program. STRUCTeam is pleased to be aligned with leading supply chain partners that encompass all the expertise required to enable a rapid and successful adoption of this technology. We are immensely proud to be united with these industry leaders.”

Douglas Parks, CEO of DowAksa, comments, “With a proven track record of working with major OEM’s, DowAksa is committed to continue bringing the benefits of carbon fibre to this segment of the industry. Associating with PULLWind is aligned with our current strategy to be a key supplier to the wind industry and help its broader adoption of carbon fibre solutions”.

Jean Luc Guillaume, Global Wind and Composites Marketing Director of Olin, states “Olin and DowAksa have engaged in a highly productive relationship for some time now. We strongly believe that the synergies between our two organisations set PULLWind for even faster and stronger growth”.

The PULLWind consortium was represented at the GoCarbon Fibre conference, 9th-11th October in Berlin. It will also be presented at the Composites Europe Show, 6-8th November in Stuttgart and the Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturer, 10th -12th December in Dusseldorf.



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