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ECS Engineering Services Install KLP Footbridge

Bangor Bridge

A new footbridge, installed by ECS Engineering Services, providing access to an Environment Agency groundwater pumping station near Newbury in Berkshire has won the praise of local residents because of the minimal disturbance during installation.

Instead of timber, the bridge is constructed from KLP, a high-performance engineering material made from recycled plastic. KLP plastic is extremely safe: the material does not splinter and has up to twice the anti-slip properties of wood, especially in wet weather or damp environments.

 The bridge has little visual impact, protecting the quintessentially English ambience of the nearby countryside, and will require hardly any maintenance during its projected 25-year life.

ECS can offer:

  • Design and fabrication of footbridges in-house
  • Full on-site installation and project management services
  • Innovative material options such as KPL or fibre reinforced polymer (FRP)
  • Accessories such as hand rails

 Find out more about the project here.


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