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ELG Carbon Fibre joins IACMI as plans towards opening of US recycling plant accelerate

ELG Carbon Fibre Carbiso M

ELG Carbon Fibre has joined IACMI - The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation. The affiliation will increase ELG Carbon Fibre’s engagement with end users and a variety of development projects, allowing the company to accelerate plans for expansion into the US.

IACMI - The Composites Institute, a national organization based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has been established to improve the development and adoption of cutting-edge production technologies for low-cost, energy-efficient manufacturing of advanced polymer composites for vehicles, wind turbines, and compressed gas storage. IACMI is delivering this through a collaboration of industry, research institutions and state partners.

Frazer Barnes, Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre, explains the rationale for joining IACMI; “Being part of this influential body is one of the steps towards ELG’s opening of its carbon fibre recycling centre in the US. Engagement with end-users and the support we can offer their development projects is critical for our US expansion. Membership of IACMI will help to facilitate this, as well as providing the opportunity for ELG to demonstrate how the availability of recycled carbon fibre products can accelerate the growth of the advanced composites industry”.

ELG’s initial commitment to IACMI is for 5 years and it is expected the company’s first US facility will be established within this timeframe.



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