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epm: technology group Showcase New Lightweight Aircraft at Farnborough 2016

epm:technology's new aircraft

epm: technology has opened its 2016 Farnborough campaign by pulling the covers off a new autogyro.

The Dragon GBT 1170 for Chimera Aviation is part of a clever partnership aimed to demonstrate ‘tech’ capabilities on a small and nimble platform.

The aircraft has been engineered for both the sport markets and special operational uses. As a military combat resource, epm says it can have extensive operational advantages integrated with leading combat technology, all for part of the systems required for the intelligent soldiers of the future. Considerably less cost than other platforms but ideal for difficult in-theatre situations which are using linked intel from UAVs, base command centres and ground information to give the pilot real-time, multichannel information.

The aircraft body, frame, rotor and data packaging have all been undertaken by Chimera’s partner, epm: technology group. Graham Mulholland, CEO at epm, said; “this is a great, practical way to demonstrate and showcase our high-performance engineering skills and our bespoke project management services, plus aligning these with difficult and challenging customer needs are typical challenges for epm: technology to be involved in”.

This is all part of epm: technology group building its aerospace credentials and supporting key tier one suppliers and/or end user key customers directly with difficult and challenging engineered components, assemblies and complex system integration challenges.

Barry Jones, MD of Chimera Aviation, commented; “this compact platform is unique and versatile. Many operational needs require air support and the main workhouses in this space are Apache, BASL and Chinook aircraft which are bespoke helicopters and should not be doing simple, operational tasks. Worse, these assets are far too valuable to be put at inaccessible levels of risk in combat serveries.
These new, focused gyros are unique and offer fast, low-risk opportunities for Special Forces in particular. But their great functionality means we can change them quickly for mission specific requirements and we can cater for the growing sports market with known, proven, low-risk manufacturing knowhow and technology.”



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