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Euroresins UK Launch new Web Shop for the UK Composites Market

The new Euroresins webshop

Euroresins UK has launched its new web shop, which is targeted predominately towards the UK artisan and consumer markets.      

This new web shop will allow users to browse and to purchase a selected range of our products and services. Users can shop for tools and materials, such mixing rollers, also for reinforcements such as rovings and fabrics, as well as core materials.

In addition to these products and services, the web shop allows visitors to purchase protective clothing items like nitrile gloves, Tyvek shoe covers and protective overalls. Items can be searched for by category, by size, and by price.

Euroresins is part of Cathay Investments Limited. Cathay Investments Limited is a UK holding company for a group of companies engaged in chemical distribution and trading.




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