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First Ever Specification on Defining Essential Variables for Thermal Joints in Thermoplastic Moulded Components

BS 89100

A new British Standard has been produced to help organisations understand and implement thermal joining process controls for thermoplastic moulded components.

This standard was developed to avoid inconsistent quality of welded and heat staked thermoplastic components. This can be caused by a lack of knowledge of what joining parameters need to be controlled within a set range.
Now BS 89100:2018 Plastics - Joining of thermoplastic moulded components - Specification of variables for thermal joining processes specifies the minimum essential variables to produce a component of the required consistency and quality for a very wide range of thermal joining processes.

The document also defines the thermal joining process specification (TJPS) for each of the thermal joining processes covered, to ensure that all of the essential variables are properly considered, including the qualified range of each variable, to establish and maintain component quality at an acceptable level.
A committee of industry experts have developed this standard including; BPF, JCB, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Mergon International, Mann-Hummel, Telsonic UK Ltd, Cikautxo Group, Heraeus, Rofin-Basal, BSI, Phasa, Ralabone, Emerson-Branson and TWI. There was also external input from NIFCO, Cameron Price, DuPont, BASF and other industry experts.

This standard will be used in a very wide range of manufacturing industries.
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