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Forming Partnerships through Composites UK - Cecence and AeroCoach

The collaborative part on the Cecence stand at Advanced Engineering

AeroCoach approached Composites UK looking for help to find a composite company to help them optimise their range of lightweight carbon components.

Composites UK introduced them to composite innovators Cecence - a member of the Association since 2015.

What was the outcome of this introduction?

AeroCoach were able to deliver an optimised product to add to their specialist cycling range, rapidly increasing their profile and adding to their revenue stream. Cecence utilised their agility and speed in turning concepts into high quality repeatable products using rapid production methods. The two companies are now engaged on further optimisation across a wide range of AeroCoach’s product lines.

An ongoing approach

AeroCoach have confidence in Cecence’s ability to optimise new materials and processes to deliver performance components in an efficient and timely manner. Cecence, have in AeroCoach, a new development partner who offer a route to market and are willing to work closely with them to maximise the benefits that Cecence offer through problem solving and new processing technologies.

Facilitating connections

Much of Cecence’s work comes from referrals or repeat business. Composites UK’s ability to facilitate connections for collaborative partnerships or supply chain knowledge sits well with Cecence’s philosophy of “driving innovation through collaboration”.

Cecence and AeroCoach celebrated their collaboration at the Advanced Engineering Show on the Cecence stand in November 2018.


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