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Frewer Engineering Discuss Design and Stress Analysis for Composites Structures

Frewer Engineering has been discussing its design and stress analysis for composite structures in a variety of industries - from aerospace to marine.

The company is working on a number of aerospace composite projects involving the development of aircraft gas turbine engines (propulsion integration testing) along with the development and test set up of new fan blades for future use. It says it is employing advanced analysis methods to look at complex vibration duties along with the need for lightweight structures.

As for marine, the company's structural engineering activities are currently being employed on both surface vessels (eg the Humdinga Amphibious vehicle) and sub sea equipment. These structures have challenging environmental duties which require the use of complex finite element modelling to optimise composite material lay-ups to reduce weight for its customers and give reliable long term service lifes for critical components.

Peter Frewer will be giving a presentation at the Composites UK Marine Showcase event in October on how the company introduces advanced aerospace structural engineering design  into the challenging marine structures environment.



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