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Frewer Engineering Discusses its Work in the Marine Sector

Frewer Engineering have been busy designing both carbon composite amphibious vehicles for marine use along with working on complex composite structures for submarine applications in the defence industry.

The company says composite structural optimisation for strength is a key technique it employs as it holds a large database on the tested performance of a variety of materials (glass & carbon fibres with epoxy plus much more). This data is propriety to the company and allows its customers to benefit from a fast response service based on tried and tested performance design inputs, without the need to for extensive testing.

Weight optimisation along with strength and buckling resistance is a common theme for Frewer. Using composite design specific codes for quickly checking results of lay-up assumptions is also key. Frewer Engineering currently use two codes for this CoDa and LAP.  These tools give the company the ability to quality check its results all the way through the design process.



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