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FTI Launches new Phenolic Prepreg - FibaRoll PH

FibaRoll PH Prepreg

Fiba Tech Industries (FTI) says that traditional phenolic prepregs are slow to cure, hard to store and require substantial post finishing, but its new FibaRoll PH, developed specifically for the aerospace and rail industries, cures in under ten minutes at 130°c in a press and can be stored in ambient conditions for three months and requires very little repair before finishing.

During processing the company states that this unique prepreg offers reduced workspace emissions, with free formaldehyde content at < 0.1%, and finished parts made from FibaRoll PH exceed aerospace and rail FST requirements including London Underground. The result – faster, cheaper and safer processing for aerospace and rail interior parts.

FibaRoll PH is delivered to the market on rolls as a tacky solid and can be manufactured at up to 2mm thickness, reducing labour time for charge preparation when thick mouldings are required. Unlike other prepregs on the market, FibaRoll PH is cured from the roll to its end shape in less than ten minutes when processed by compression moulding or autoclave.

With the industry facing problems with huge demand, schedule is often a major issue – which our prepreg FibaRoll PH can solve, reducing the process time by at least 75% and thereby significantly increasing productivity.



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