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GALM Europe 2015 Launches with Renault, JLR, Toyota and Bentley

Delegates at GALM Europe

The business case for designing and manufacturing lighter weight vehicles is never-ending, as regulatory and consumer pressure drives innovations in multi-material architectures, component forming and joining methods. Each year, yet more kilograms of body, chassis and closures are trimmed in preparation for the fuel efficiency battle on global forecourts.
With a renewed focus on multi-material design and manufacturing for high volume applications, the 10th Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress 2015 (London, 29th-30th April) returns to London with more OEM representation than ever before.

What's New For GALM 2015?

  • A renewed focus on multi-materials will enable OEMs to identify the optimal mix of high strength steel, aluminium and composites for each component with regards to material supply, costs, cycle time and manufacturability.
  • Additional breakout streams will enable the delivery of unprecedented detail ofjob-specific insights across closures, architecture strategy, adhesives and non-destructive testing.   
  • Brand new speakers to the series will deliver fresh success stories from OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Chrysler, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota.      
  • The return of the successful body-in-white exhibition will include the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Jaguar F-Type and Ford GT alongside a keynote study on the architectural design and material selection process.

Agenda Highlights

  • Material Selection Process And Design Across The BIW To Significantly Reduce Weight Of A Mass Reduced Vehicle - Ford
  • Controlling Cost, Crash Performance And Aesthetics To Replace Steel Components With Significantly Lighter Composites - PSA Peugeot Citroen
  • Innovative Forming And Joining Techniques For Mass Manufacturing Of Next-Generation Lightweight Structures - Renault
  • Lifecycle Sustainability Analysis From Raw Materials To End Of Life Recycling To Mitigate Environmental Impacts And Comply With Global Regulations - Audi AG
  • Leveraging Closure Design And New Materials To Meet Aesthetic Requirements And Reduce Vehicle Weight - Chrysler

In total, 20+ presentations will be delivered across design, material supply, joining, forming, recycling and sustainability analysis. Speakers include:

  • Carsten Finkeldey, Head Of Body Planning C-Class, Daimler, Mercedes-Benz
  • Bruno Barthelemy, Chief Engineer For Body Structures, Closures And Body, Ford Motor Company
  • Jean-Michel Demaldent, Expert Leader Vehicle Architecture, Renault
  • Adrian Tautscher, Group Leader - Sustainable Aluminium Strategies, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Jian Tao, Senior Materials Engineer, Chrysler Group
  • Julien Tachon, Lightweight Materials R&D, Toyota Motor Europe
  • Lee Bateup, Technical Manager Of Innovation Management, Bentley
  • Frederic Sicard, Lightweight And Composite Innovation Leader, PSA PeugeotCitroen
  • Christoph Haberling, Environmental Audits, Renewable Energy And New Materials, Audi AG
  • Simon Black, Senior Manager - Body Structures, Jaguar land Rover
  • Nir Khan, Director Of Design, Plasan
  • Craig Cowan, President, RB&W
  • Frank Henning, Lightweight Construction, Fraunhofer Institute
  • Allan Hutchinson, Head Of Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre, Oxford Brookes University
  • Philip Prangnell, School Of Materials, University Of Manchester

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