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Gearing Scientific Invests in a Third Lasercomp Fox 50 System

Gearing Scientific Lasercomp Fox 50 System

Due to increasing demand of testing of composite materials recently, Gearing Scientific has invested in a 3rd Lasercomp Fox 50 System to complement the two systems with autosamplers already in its lab in Ashwell.   

The company can now offer specific heat testing of composite materials from 0°C up to >150°C as it is impossible to obtain reliable results on such inhomogeneous materials with the very small milligram samples in the DSC systems. Ideally samples should be 2 to 25mm thick by 50 to 55mm diameter ideally, but Gearing Scientific says it has reasonable results with samples outside this range too.  For liquids or resins the company needs 50 to 100mls of sample to use in the special liquid cell.

These three systems complement the DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analyser), which it has been using now for many years for comparing the Tg (glass transitions) of almost every type of composite at a wide range of vibration frequencies. The Temperature range for this system is from well under -100°C to over 400°C. Two other larger thermal conductivity systems, designed for insulations and softer or compressible materials, complete the range of apparatus available for contract testing or short term rental. The T range for thermal conductivity is <0°C to 250°C or lower depending on the sample.  

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