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Global Tooling Company Enters UK Composites Market

Dimar Tooling is entering the UK composites market by launching what it calls an exciting range of products specifically designed for composite materials.

The experience the company has gained over the last 50 years, especially in dealing with composite wood materials, has enabled it to develop proprietary grades of carbide, along with unique geometry in tooling solutions, to combat similar challenges in the composite market.

Dimar’s entry into the composites market came about after Composite Engineers asked Dimar to help overcome delamination problems along with short life-time on existing tools. Dimar said that by using its skills and experience in working with wood composites, which creates similar problems when cutting, Engineers at Dimar set about developing proprietary grades of tungsten carbide which, combined with the unique geometry, resulted in a new range of tools which can avoid delamination and can give up to eight times the life against other carbide tools. 

David Kerr, Dimar Tooling’s Group VP, said; “I am delighted that Dimar has entered the UK composites market.  We’ve been a global leader in tooling solutions for the industrial woodworking industry for over 50 years and our vast experience in the challenges of cutting wood composite materials, has allowed us to gain a real competitive advantage.  I’m confident that the quality of our products mean it won’t be too long before we’re leading the way in composite tools as well.  Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a product that can improve performance, production line efficiency and costs!”

Dimar has already launched its new composite cutting tools in the USA and is now working closely with aerospace partners, including contractors for a leading aerospace company, where their burr tools have given measurable improved performance, along with substantial cost savings.

Founded in 1960, Dimar is a worldwide company with a factories in Israel and Europe, along with sales offices in 40 countries. It covers all industries and says it has a particular strength in aerospace; automotive; Formula One and energy sectors.



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