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GoCarbon Fibre Event Announces Line-Up

Smithers Rapra is delighted to announce that the full conference agenda for Europe’s GOCarbonFibre has been revealed. The four-day week dedicated to carbon fibre will host a range of activities to satisfy all tiers of the supply chain including site visits, the main two-day conference dedicated to all things carbon fibre, and concluding with an additional day focused solely on carbon-fibre recycling.

Beginning the carbon-fibre week, two site visits will be taking place to Sigmatex, Runcorn and the National Graphene Institute. Both will be opening their doors and allowing delegates to visit and learn more about these institutes and the facilities they have available. This behind the scenes, one day access will allow delegates an exclusive insight into the running of these sites, enabling questions to be asked in and amongst their peers in a safe and open environment.

Subsequent to the site visits, a pre-conference drinks reception will be hosted by the National Composite Certification and Evaluation Facility (NCCEF), at which Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor, University of Manchester will be cutting the ribbon in the grand opening of their new large component test facility. NCCEF has been ear-marked to advance and refine fundamental polymer composite testing science in the UK. The machine is the first installation in the new national large-scale composite research facility and will be dedicated to fundamental research on composite behaviour. Delegates will be given full access into the lab and witness the official opening and will be offered the opportunity to ask questions about the facility from leading experts.

The main conference is supported by The University of Manchester and Cygnet Texkimp, who are sponsoring of the conference drinks reception at the end of day one, taking place in the University Great Hall. The programme will feature both outstanding high-level talks and a plethora of networking breaks with some of the biggest figures in the European carbon fibre industry, enabling delegates to make connections with the key decision makers within this field. One particular highlight will be a presentation from Airbus on ‘Future Carbon Fibre Requirements from Aerospace’. Further conference highlights include Dr Gabriele Korus, Head of Carbon Fiber Development at SGL who will be talking on ‘R&D and the Challenges down the Process Chain from Precursor to Component’, and Unilever will be making a unique and novel presentation on ‘Inspiration from Nature – The Outstanding Properties of Human Hair’, discussing the growth mechanisms and microstructures of hair, mechanical properties and performance under stress and the relation of hair to carbon fibre.

The week will conclude with a one day conference dedicated to carbon fibre recycling. With presentations from Jaguar Land Rover on the ‘Impacts and Challenges for Carbon Fibre in an Automotive Sustainable Value Chain’, alongside our sponsors ELG Carbon Fibre who will present on ‘Commercial Aspects of Carbon Fibre Recycling’, the event is full of carbon fibre experts and will provide the delegates with all the latest information in this specialised area, enabling them to be equipped with the knowledge they need to move forward with their business.

John Davidson, Product Director – Oxidisation and Carbonisation, Cygnet Texkimp says; “There are several composites conferences held throughout the world every year, but what sets GOCarbonFibre apart is the breadth of knowledge shared over the two days of the conference. This is not just a conference for composite fabricators and end users, it is also for those interested in the first principles of carbon fibre manufacturing, such as the types and chemistry of the precursors being used and developed to make carbon fibre, the methods and equipment used for processing the precursors into carbon fibre. Then there are the converters, those who turn the carbon fibre into forms used by the composite fabricators, and finally we close the circle with a day of discussion on carbon fibre composite recycling. So, GOCarbonFibre covers all topics in the full life cycle of the carbon fibre process, which inevitably attracts people from all sections of that cycle."



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