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GRP Solutions Release Biocide Spray

Composite distributor GRP Solutions, along with its partner company, GRP Consumable Solutions, are delighted to deliver the Ramsol® Sanitiser Disinfectant Spray which contains active biocides, specifically designed for the cleansing and disinfecting of hard and soft surfaces. The Ramsol® spray is a revolutionary mist spray designed to sanitise and disinfect difficult to reach and intricate areas with full surface coverage. The ingredients within this product deal rapidly and effectively with an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

The ingredients have been tested effectively against small non-enveloped viruses (Hardest-to-kill category). Viruses in this category can include Poliovirus, Norovirus and Feline Calicivirus. The ingredients have also been tested effectively against enveloped viruses (easiest-to-kill category). Viruses in this category can include Coronaviruses and Type A Influenza’s.

On 11th of March 2020, the American Chemical Council stated **As COVID-19 (enveloped virus) is a new strain of Coronavirus there is no product on the market today that can claim to be proven to kill the virus.

However, products that are effective against non-enveloped viruses (Hardest-to-kill category) are likely to be effective against enveloped viruses.

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GRP Solutions Managing Director, Brian Harpur, comments, “This simple sanitisation method for vehicles, workspaces, warehouses, goods, boats, trains, planes and any touch point, provides an excellent exit strategy tool for any organisation. Great for looking after the safety of your team as they return to work and on an ongoing basis, Great for filling customers with confidence that their product will arrive disinfected, and Great to be giving back to the community. Ten per cent of any profit will be donated to our friends at Naomi House & Jacksplace hospices for children and young adults.”

Lee Williamson, Business Development Director of GRP Consumable Solutions also says, “We are thrilled to supply such a great product to the marketplace and help our customers feel safer back at work.”



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