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IMCD UK Introduces High Performance Carbon Fibre Compounds from Polynt

IMCD offers a wide material selection to meet the needs of the Carbon Fibre market, focusing its attention on the most important product properties - high performance, good aesthetics and varied technologies. The Carbon Fibre Compounds range is based on vinyl ester or epoxy resins reinforced with carbon fibre, which gives the material exceptional stiffness and resistance properties, ideal for use in the automotive, aircraft, industrial, sport and leisure industries.

The product range includes:


Sheet moulding composites material reinforced with carbon fibres with lengths ranging from 12mm to 50mm, particularly suitable for compression moulding of flat medium to large specifications.

Benefits include:

  • new chopped aesthetic surfaces
  • versatility of technology (compression moulding and autoclave)
  • ability to adjust the formula in order to optimize the product for specific requests


Bulk moulding composite material reinforced by short carbon fibres (6mm, 12mm). Produced in granular and homogeneous bulk using Vinyl Ester Resin or Epoxy Resin, particularly suitable for compression, transfer and injection moulding.

Compared to the more common thermoplastic polymers, Polynt-BMCarbon® is a thermosetting compound with superior technical characteristics and performance:

  • high mechanical properties in terms of rigidity and resistance
  • dimensional stability at high temperatures, due to the intrinsic nature of the thermoset materials
  • chemical and weathering resistance, especially formulated for outdoor applications
  • countless customization possibilities for specific requests.


Composites reinforced with fleece, made of recycled carbon fibre with different surface weights (from 20 to 400 gr/m2).  Developed in response to the growing need for sustainability and recycling - recycling is achieved by reusing carbon fibre residue from various sources.

Can be used as semi-structural materials and veil for optimized surfaces and is available for Compression Moulding and Autoclave technologies.


Composites reinforced by continuous and aligned carbon fibres, characterized by extreme mechanical properties, high stiffness on 0° direction and the possibility to combine with Polynt-SMCarbon®. Due to high mechanical properties (modulus and strength), Polynt-UDCarbon® composites are used in purely structural applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.


Carbon reinforced materials developed for the prepregs market, for us in autoclave and low compression moulding; they feature good aesthetics, good mechanical properties and fast curing with Vinyl Ester Resin. Cured by applying heat and pressure to provide quality laminates with high stiffness and strength at low weights.





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