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KAMM Projects Launch Aero-Road Bike

KAMM Projects has launched the new Vekta aero-road bike through sister company REAP Bikes.

The REAP Vekta is a UK-made aero-road bike with next generation frame performance, designed for racers, triathletes and road riders who want more – more stiffness, speed, comfort, efficiency, precision and response.

The exciting launch of the REAP Vekta marks a culmination of years of hard work by REAP Founder and Managing Director, Martin Meir, who has a long career in advanced composite engineering and is also a former elite triathlete, still competing as an amateur.

Ultimately the creation of REAP came when Martin felt the cycling industry had some headroom for a range of precision-engineered, high performance bikes made with uncompromised materials and methods that the big brands deemed too expensive for mass production. The primary objective of REAP Bikes is simple – the best, or nothing at all.

This passion to be the best, however, came long before REAP was born. Martin has decades of experience as an engineer and he is also the Founder and Managing Director of Kamm Projects, which specialises in the manufacture of composite, polyurethane, and fibre reinforced materials for a wide range of industries.

In the past Kamm has undertaken a number of high-profile, highly technical projects, such as the Gibbs Humdinga amphibious vehicle, as well as for a range of high-end manufacturers, such as Bentley Motors. Projects for Bentley Motors ranged from interior panels to having the honour of working on the Bentley State Limousine.

At the heart of Kamm’s achievements and the follow-on successes of REAP and subsequently the Vekta bike, is the application of engineering best practice combined with the highest quality engineering minds. The management team’s strength is their ability to match technology to the customer’s needs – matching reality to what the process needs to be.

This flexibility in Martin’s approach brings opportunity and endless possibilities. The balance is to align customer’s production requirements, tooling, and development budgets, whilst hitting the cost aspirations for the component and/or product.

Composites can be seen as a ‘dark art’, however the team at Kamm Projects know that this is not the case. Instead, it is a set of sequential processes utilising the correct materials to achieve a desired outcome. The process by which a client’s requirements are met is not common across the industry. Often companies try to package their narrow field of knowledge as the solution.

The Kamm at team are able to help from the inception of an idea, all the way through to these ideas becoming a reality. They have experience in a wide range of materials and the processing options that can be utilised to meet clients’ requirements.

Carbon fibre structural components

  • Pre-preg (Humdinga and REAP bikes)
  • Infusion (Humdinga tooling and body panels)

GRP panels

  • RTM (Modec cab)
  • Infusion (Aquada 3 hull)
  • Structural reaction injection moulding (Bentley interiors)

Martin’s passion and years of experience as an engineer and cyclist, built on decades of composite experience, inspired by a desire to disrupt, and driven by an unwillingness to compromise, is creating interest and focus on several new projects.
Martin commented: “We’re at a position to utilise 30 years of composite engineering experience to develop a world-class company. This I believe in, as UK manufacturing needs to do something to put it back on the right path.”



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