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Kisling Launches its Latest 2K Structural Adhesive

The new and innovative ergo.® 1675 provides an exceptionally fast rate of strength build up as well as good adhesion to a wide range of materials – this makes it the perfect all-rounder for structural bonding.
ergo.® 1675 by Kisling is the new “all-rounder” in structural bonding of composites & plastics for lightweight construction.

This non-sagging 2K methacrylate adhesive provides excellent adhesion to composites, metals and a wide range of plastics. It offers designers the ability to bond a wide and varied combination of different materials. Typical values of lap shear strength is around 25 N/mm2.

Despite its rigidity of 780 N/mm2, ergo.® 1675 offers an outstanding elongation at break of 85% and that gives this material exceptional endurance and performance. This particular characteristic enables the adhesive to withstand high tensions – for example, forces generated by the thermal expansion of different substrates (CTE) – or to dampen permanent vibrations - all that combined with high structural strength.
Furthermore, this 10:1 adhesive retains its shear strength at higher temperatures, at 80 °C ergo.® 1675 still exhibits more than 50% of its initial strength.

This material has an exceptional fast rate of strength build up. Within five minutes the strength of up to 10 N/mm2 is achieved. This allows high efficiency and output in production.

During the development of this formulation, our technicians not only focused on high performance but also on health and safety, the result is a nearly “odor free” adhesive with low flammability.

ergo.® 1675 is supplied as standard in a 10:1 50 ml double-cartridges or in bulk (on request).



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