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Metrology Software Products Help Renishaw Canada in Showcasing International Engineering Expertise

MSP Presentation


In February 2015, Renishaw Canada hosted three companies at an event to promote expert engineering collaborations, in which Composites UK member company Metrology Software Products (MSP) took part.

The invite-only event was held at the Centre Technologique en Aérospatiale (CTA) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where the days were split into two sessions, each with four workshops. Over the two days, live demonstrations were performed directly on the machines, to demonstrate how the most recent software and manufacturing equipment can improve cycle time and process quality.

MSP presented Workshop 2 titled 'Fixtureless, automated 5-axis repositioning of a component before machining' with Canadian firm Avantage Mécanique. This demonstrated the integration of its NC-PerfectPart, a system which automatically aligns parts, with the CAM software and post-processor to provide accurate part location before machining.

Avantage Mécanique offer consultancy services and custom turnkey solutions to support new CNC machine tool integration from acquisition to production.

MSP say that NC-PerfectPart uses probing to firstly diagnose if a machine tool is capable of producing a part to tolerance. This removes the possibility of machine error at the first hurdle, therefore stopping a bad part from being produced. The second module of the software continues to utilise the probing to automate the alignment of the part and will compensate for any errors, such as fixturing or part distortion; common problems within 5-axis machining.

Three more workshops were conducted by Renishaw Canada and the CTA. Topics included error correction for 5-axis machining and 5-axis scanning for CMM inspection. Each workshop represented a stage from Renishaw's Productive Process Pyramid; a framework to control variation within the factory.

MSP Commercial Director, Tony Brown commented; “Presenting NC-PerfectPart at the CTA/Renishaw event was hugely successful for MSP. The workshops provided a platform to demonstrate our award-winning technology to the Canadian Aerospace Industry. We immediately received a surge of interest from Canadian aerospace companies keen to explore the applications our system could solve. It is with gratitude to the CTA and Renishaw for supporting MSP in their collaboration with Advantage Mécanique to create a practical workshop”. 




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