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MHI Vestas Complete Production of Parliamentary Blades

Parliamentary Blade Production

Both of the offshore wind turbine blades containing components signed by Parliamentarians, the Parliamentary Blades, have now completed production.

The first blade has arrived in Belfast at MHI Vestas’ pre-assembly facility where it is being prepared for offshore installation. The Belfast facility is a 200,000m2 offshore wind terminal – the first bespoke facility of its type in the UK. As part of the preparations for offshore installation, the hatch cover bearing the signatures of the Parliamentarians has been installed at the root end of the blade. The blades, tower and narcelles will soon be loaded onto a specialist installation vessel and then be installed offshore at the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Cumbria.

MHI Vestas are installing 40 V164- 8.3 MW turbines at the Walney Extension which covers an area of up to 149km2 and consists of wind turbines, foundations, inter array cables, offshore and onshore export cables within an ‘export cable corridor’ and offshore and onshore substations that will connect the Project to the National Grid.

The second Parliamentary Blade will soon be making its way to Germany by sea, where it will be installed in the German offshore wind farm, Borkum Riffgrund II. These offshore wind turbine blades being exported by MHI Vestas to Germany represent the first time a major turbine component has been manufactured in the UK and exported to an overseas project. They showcase the very best in British advanced manufacturing in a continental European offshore wind farm.

The Parliamentary Blades project proudly celebrates the UK’s pivotal role in delivering affordable offshore wind, MHI Vestas’ UK advanced manufacturing facility and skilled workforce, who are generating significant value for the UK economy.

Last month, to celebrate completion of the Parliamentary Blades, MHI Vestas’ advanced manufacturing facility on the Isle of Wight played host to number of guests including MPs and stakeholders. Guests were given the unique opportunity to visit the home of the world’s largest commercially available offshore wind turbine blades that are designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.

Guests enjoyed a tour of the facility and met representatives from all levels of the MHI Vestas business. The event provided an opportunity to learn more about the UK driven innovations in offshore wind that are bringing down the cost of energy and having a significant impact on the British economy.



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